20 months

6 Years!

Natalie: Tell me again why you named me Natalie Michelle.
Mom: Because it means God’s gift and to remember my cousin Michelle.
Natalie: You always loved the name Natalie right?
Mom: Right.
Natalie: I love you more than you love me.
Mom: Not possible, cause I love you all the way to heaven.
Natalie: Well I love you….what is higher than heaven?
Mom: Nothing, so I love you more my budding author, ballet dancing, American Girl loving, numerous question asking beautiful little girl.


  1. I can’t believe she’s already six. Man that makes me feel so old =) She is such a talented, beautiful, intelligent 30 year old trapped in a 6 year olds body =) LOL I look forward to seeing what she has in store for you guys!!!!


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