My Mother’s Day felt a little magical. I know that sounds dramatic but there were such big moments and relaxed intimate family pauses that shaped the whole day. The morning started with the hubster making me breakfast in bed accompanied by my sweet homemade gifts given by bright and proud smiling faces. Victoria played her guitar and sang me a song by Taylor Swift, The Best Day, that is provided on the side for those who would like to hear. (By Taylor not Tori…LOL) It was so sweet, I cried…then she cried and we both had a difficult time getting through the song. We all got dressed after and went to church to see another big first. My husband sang with the men’s group in the choir for our Mother’s Day program. I periodically get overwhelmed as I watch new steps taken in my husbands walk with the Lord, this was one of them. Later we had dinner at church prepared by the men. I got to set down right away and have my plate brought to ME! I did feel a little quilty seeing my children hungrily watch me eat before they were allowed to get their meals. I am sure they were not traumatized by the event. Once we got home it was a nap and snuggle time. Ahhhhh. I will always cherish those moments gifted to me by my tribe.


  1. I am so glad that you had such a magical Mothers day. You are an awesome mom and I am so glad that you married my brother and blessed our family with you presence and of course 5 of the bestest kids in the world =)


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