Kobe and I are were heading to Tab’s when he points out the window shouting about a shooting star. First of all it is early afternoon, there are no stars out. I look where he is pointing and my heart began to pound. What is that! I fumble with the radio trying to check to see if there is any breaking news. I pull over and try to call Maurice. Oooooh! Why can’t he answer the phone when I need him. Is it a missile? Wait, it’s going up not down. What on earth! I call Maurice again, nothing. Why are all these people just sitting around pointing at it? Don’t they know we could be under some attack? I call Maurice again, he answers. “Where have you been!” He proceeds to tell me how he was outside watching the rocket launch and did not hear his cell. Oooooooooooooooooooh. The rocket, right. ok Yeah, the rocket. It seems I was the only one in Tampa who didn’t know about the scheduled launch. Here is a pic, what would you have thought?


  1. OH MY…..I didn’t even know that we could see this!! I must have been in the house or something. I am definitely going to pay more attention on the next lift-off!! Funny story…I am loving your blog!!


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