One of the nurses I work with told me about a couple of schools in our district that needed coats for their students. Tori and I went to Walmart at midnight (very interesting characters at that time of night…LOL) to get large boxes. We decorated them with large signs and bright colors. Jordan and I went to my job to set the boxes up at covenient drop off sites. Then we waited. We decided to have the drive for two weeks. We picked up the boxes, and did our final count. 53 coats, 16 sweatshirts and 4 sweaters were donated! I had asked for gentley used jackets, many people bought brand new ones. It was so amazing to see so many people give for this cause. I could not take my kids along to drop off the jackets because they had winter exams and could not miss school. I really wanted them to see the final and most important step of giving. There is nothing like seeing the joy on others faces and knowing that today, we made a difference. Thanks soooooo much to everyone who participated!


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