The kids and I went to one of our favorite places to take Chritmas pics for our cards this year. I can’t believe how good they did! No whining or fighting, it was great. Last year when we took our Christmas pics we forgot to put shoes on Kobe! (It’s our cover pic if you want to laugh along) So this year I was determined there would be no wardrobe malfunctions. The boys complained about the ties but I bribed them into going along with my theme with ice cream. We went and seen the same santa from last year. We don’t teach the kids that there is a Santa, we tell them that there are many people who exhibit the giving spirit of Saint Nicholas. Anyone can pretend to be santa when giving to others during the Christmas season. Last year Natalie came home from preschool and questioned why I had lied to her. “Mom, all my friends said there is a santa clause.” That was an unexpected conversation. LOL This year as we were heading to the park she asked me what our santa claus’s name is. “Santa Claus”, I replied. “No, his REAL name.” I quess she decided to believe me this year. LOL While the kids were eating ice cream people kept stopping to make comments about them. I do believe the owner should have paid us for advertising for her, business picked up as people observed the ice cream painted kids slurping on dripping ice cream cones. We had sooo much fun today.

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