I am not sure when I first learned about God. I have no memories that exclude Him. Though I was raised in church from an infant that is not where I learned about the character and presence of Yahweh. It wasn’t from the Bible though I loved listening to the stories growing up and always won Bible trivia in vacation bible school. Those places were not where I found Him.
I discovered God in the circle of my aunties as they sat around my mother’s living room sharing their supernatural encounters. He was in the stories of visitors dropping by for a meal. He was around the table at my grandparents during Sunday dinner when our Pastor Reverend Bruce would share about Jesus. I would sit listening to their exclamations of, “Won’t He do it!” or “God is good, all the time.”
I would nod my head right along with them and marvel at the encounters told of Abba God and at the personal way He inhabited their lives. The prayer of my heart even then as a child was to experience the God of those stories. The right here, right now God who sees, hears and responds.
In all the conversations, I never had a moment when I doubted one of the testimonies or thought what I heard was crazy or impossible. I am grateful for that now because it created the curiosity, expectation and desire for MORE that I hold in my heart for the presence of God today.
Over the next few months I am going to be sharing my God stories. To remember, to encourage and to leave for my babies. I pray that they will have many of their own God moments to pass down as well. That together our lives will be a never ending well of testimony.

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  1. I thank God for my parents who did their best to raise their children in a Christian home. That it was instilled so deep within me. That I was able too pass my love of God to my children. That I see this same legacy pass down too your family. There is power in the word and your inspiring stories.


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