I STRONGLY dislike the process of cooking. For the first 22 years of marriage my husband did most of the cooking because he loves it and he is an amazing chef. We had a great thing going until he switched careers, which decreased his after work flexibility. That left me to cook. (Que the violin) Normally I look at a task from a production point of view. How can I effectively get it done in the quickest amount of time? Because of that mindset we have spent two years eating out often or having quick thrown in the oven meals. My hubby poured love and time into his cooking. I am trying to turn a new leaf and teach myself to do the same. Grabbing Alexa for some fun music, trying new recipes that don’t allow routine inattentiveness and dragging in the kidos for commentary and assistance has definitely increased my enjoyment of creating our meals. It’s been a process but we gotta eat and someone has to cook!

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