Music is an integral part of our lives. Classical, jazz, country, hip hop, you name it. I do teach my tribe the importance of knowing what the music they are listening to represents and what the lyrics truly mean before adding it to their playlists. Guarding your heart comes before a good beat. I know it’s a struggle growing up in a society were wrong is not wrong and a lie is not a lie. This world will spit out anyone who doesnt know who they are. That’s why I love that there are so many trail blazing Christian hip hop (CHH) artist. There has been a great deal of buzz lately about the artist in 116. I will judge them by their fruit.  At the time of this concert Lacrae was out of country doing missions. We listened to Andy Mineo during the question/ answer segment speaking from a humble heart about his love for God and inspiring all the youth around him to be all in. I hope they continue to be Godly examples for this generation. To much is given much is expected. Tres is a young artists with big goals. He desires to teach the world and change the world. He calls himself the Unknown Overcomer. Whether he gets the chance to influence the masses or just continues to shine light on our little community, he understands his voice is powerful. His music is powerful. All music is powerful. Where there is power there is responsibility. No matter how big your following.

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