This super big cool aid grin is due to the fact that we thought we were returning to the hospital for yet another procedure but after the MD assessment we found out it was not needed!!!  During Tres surgery to correct his scoliosis the dura layer was nicked. The surgeon did tell us about it in post op but felt that since he repaired the area we shouldn’t have any problems. Tres started having headaches day two post surgery. They did a CT and the MD took off his dressing to see if he seen any spinal fluid leaking. Both types of  assessments had normal results. It was not until our follow up appointment when the reaplied dressing was taken off that we noticed fluid under the incision. Sigh. After the MD aspirated some of the fluid it was clear it was spinal and not blood. SO we scheduled the procedure to repair the dura for a few days later. Thankfully it sealed on its own praise God! Tres is still having headaches and we are praying those will be gone by next week. Looking foward to when my brave young man starts feeling like his normal pre surgery self.

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