After going through heartache in second and third grade over writing I never thought we would get to a place where Kobe enjoyed the writing process.  It has not happened over night but here we are.  The first step was finding a teaching strategy that would allow him to plan out the writing process in a way he could understand.  He would explain to us that his thoughts would be jumbled up when he would try to write them down and he didn’t know where to start.  Once we learned more about inattentive ADD his statements made much sense.  A few families had told us about the success their boys were having with IEW so we placed him in his first class last year.  I can’t say how much it has changed his mindset and elevated his confidence about his ability to be a great writer. Today’s convo: It’s not just writing mom.  We write, then discuss, then laugh, then write again. Musical words to this momma’s ears.

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