Kobe loves all things body. We did anatomy last year in Classical Conversations so I was hesitant about putting him in another anatomy class.  I did not want him getting bored listening to repeated information. The instructor who completed our portfolio review this year realized our love of science and highly recommended this class for budding scientist wanting to go to the next level. I sat through his first day of class and was blown away by the amount of information that they would be covering. Each class would have a lab and most labs would be dissections! She spoke right to our hearts. He came home the second day of class talking about Punnett squares and dominant vs recessive traits. The crazy thing is he understood the basic 4 square information. When he was explaining it to me he would do things like whisper when he spoke about recessive traits which showed me how she taught him to understand it. It was so cute and creative on his teachers part.  I have to say this is the class I am most excited about this year and I will be THAT mom all up in class on dissection days.

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