I’m so grateful for our Classical Conversations community. They made the newness of homeschooling less stressful. There are so many types of families who homeschool for so many different reasons but the main goal is supporting and encouraging each other in our journey.  I love the God centered curriculum and environment. It changes the atmosphere of the room and the expectations of behavior. I have never been in a classroom environment where young children lovingly support each other. One example I will never forget is when a student was reading a passage and began to struggle with a word. She looked around feeling embarrassed. The girl next to her reached over and put her hand on her shoulder and smiled. That’s it. It was enough encouragement to help the reader finish her sentence with a flourish. Children will respond to expectations, especially in a loving and encouraging environment. Kobe’s confidence has soared with his memory work. We had no idea how quickly he could memorize information.  He loves history and I am pretty sure it’s because of the memory work combined with music. Give it a beat and he will have it forever. So will the rest of the family as he sings the songs repeatedly through out the house. We are always glad for the next week and a new tune.

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