I firmly believe I have the best sugar cookie recipe ever and Christmas is not Christmas without some sugar cookies.  I was so hyped about our baking day this year. I had the dough and utensils out and prepared before everyone got home. Then my big baking bubble got popped.  For some reason this year I was the only one excited about making cookies. Finally after the gazillionth” Do we have to?” and “How long is this going to take?” I got it.  I really was sad. Yeah I know the pics look happy…cause I made them smile and pretend they were having a great time or else!  Tres, per tradition completed the process by added the sprinkles at the end.  He was my only non complainer.  It was not the year of warm cookie fuzzies and family bonding over sugar, sprinkles and Christmas Tree cut outs (sniff) …at least my cookies were scrumptious.

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