Victoria decided to start a new blog today. As I read it I was so touched by her honesty in the way she described her struggle with stepping into the unknown out of fear of being imperfect all the while knowing the God we serve is made stronger through our weakness. One word that has really been penetrating my spirit lately is REAL. I have this crazy, deep, impulsive desire to tear down all the walls I have built up around myself striving to look like I have everything together. A person can not live if they spend their time trying to stay between the lines of a perfectly drawn box.  Life is much bigger outside of it! Were do we learn the whole “need to be perfect” thing from anyway?  Society, TV, magazines…  Tori’s post was real and raw. Give me real and raw any day!  Most blogs I read are all about the perfect outfit, perfect recipe, perfect family, perfect life.  The world is full of people going through very real life threatening, heart breaking, tragic situations and it needs to be able to see the reality of what real life and struggle looks like. Especially when it comes to the Christian lifestyle.  I am so tired of watching people lose hope in Jesus because their life doesn’t seem to fit the mold created and dictated by many times unknowing Christians who feel they have to put on a certain façade to prove how much of a Christian they are.   There is no hope in perfection.  Being a Christian  does not mean we live and walk through a perfect life. If anything it spotlights even more the imperfections we have that created a need for a perfect Savior.  We are not perfect. Thank you Tori for a breath of fresh air.

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