This is the first year Kobe is able to play tackle football.  He is so excited to be able to hit people and not get in trouble. Should I be worried? If he wasn’t the biggest teddy bear any other time I would probably seek counsel. They take football very serious here, practices through summer are five days a week.  Quite a bit of dedication for a kid who just turned 8 years old.  After seeing him run some drills at his first practice, the coaches decided to move him up to the next division.  He is big for his age and they where worried he would have trouble maintaining the 80 lb. weight limit.  I was worried about my baby having to play with bigger boys in the 8 to 10 division.  Well, we get to the new groups practice and Kobe was taller than some of the 9 and 10 year olds.  No worries here.  I can already see the increased grocery bills.

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