Maurice and I used to enjoy getting up at 4 am to go shopping on black friday.  The past few years have not been so great.  If you are not one of the insane people in line 24 hours before the sale starts…you really can’t get the best deals.  Tori, Maurice and I went to the Walmart sale Thanksgiving night to pick up some electronic items.  We got there at 10 pm thinking that was a good time because the sale did not start until 12.  Well we got there and all the items we wanted had already been sold out.  How can you be sold out before the sale starts?  That was enough for us to call it quits. On Black Friday morning after sleeping in, Tori, Nat and I went shopping at the mall.  Masses of people and amazing sales, we were in heaven.  That is until we could not remember what entrance of what store I parked my car at.  Always and adventure with us.

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