My hubby had only one request for his birthday, to spend all day on roller coasters.    We went to Busch Gardens and had a blast.  Maurice is not satisfied with just getting on the roller coaster.  No, we have to be in the front seat of the darn thing.  He does not mind waiting longer in line…for every ride. It’s a good thing that I have a strong stomach!  We did have great fun together and I love that we can still act like kids on our dates.  We laugh with/at each other all the time. We have daily crazy moments that no one else would get.  No one else is quite as interested in my frequent emotional (good/bad) episodes or something funny one of the kids had done. (even if he is not always interested he pretends to be which still gets points) I guess that’s a few reasons why I love him so much!  We ended his birthday celebration at Kobe’s Restaurant, a family favorite.  Happy Birthday to my Fun Loving, Roller Coaster Riding Hubby.  You still Rock.

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