I had an aha moment on Tori’s birthday this year.  I had asked her in the weeks prior what she wanted to do for her birthday.  Finally after a little badgering she said a birthday party.  She invited friends over, Maurice barbecued and they pulled out the Wii and watched a movie.  Afterwards I set down to watch the video of her blowing out the candles and realized…..I think we are past the birthday party phase.  LOL.  She allowed the moment just for me, I am sure to not hurt my feelings.  Its good all this learning to adapt to the college years and beyond stuff comes in small increments.  Baby steps….that”s what I’m taking.
Tori has grown up so much this year.  She has taken on more responsibilities as a leader in Intervarsity, gone on a missions trip, moved into a small house with friends and learned to budget her life around a small income.  I often have moments as I am listening to her talk where I stop and wonder how she grew to be so logical and wise.  I am so proud of her.   I pray in the next year she follows God’s lead and continues to embrace life, love and fellowship. 

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