My mom, step dad Booker and their 3 boys Devon, Teshawn and Diondre along with my niece Aja drove from Kansas to visit us in our new home.  That is a 22 hour drive.  Of course this does not include bathroom breaks, meal times and stretch your leg cause you’ve got cramps times.  It was a long drive but they all made it safe and in good spirits.  It was wonderful having them all visit.  I love having my mom near and chatting with her during quiet times. Sitting next to each other, just being in her presence. The kids had an amazing time hanging out with cousins.  We had a Mandatory Family Fun Movie Night were we watched Narnia….again.  Lots of pool time, adventures in downtown Channel side and eating whole, fresh, football size avocados purchased from a food stand provided for some great moments of fun and yumm!  Poor Booker spent his time recuperating from the drive.  The next few blogs will be of their visit with us.

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