I serve the most amazing God.  He knows where I am.  He knows what I need.  I have been in a slump when it comes to my Tres.  He is 17 now and I feel that the battles we have had to go through with the education system and general inculsion have worn me down.  Recently I have met new families through Tres Challenger games that have given me inspiration and encouragement to not step down from this post that God has placed me at.  He is always right on time.  Today I came across this video.  It spoke so much to my heart.  It is hard to have a child with a disabilty.  Even harder is to climb over the obstacles that well intentioned systems put before us.  Harder still is to not allow the negatives to penetrate the heart of my child.  To keep him believing that he CAN do all that his heart desires.  We may have to be creative and find other ways to accomplish his goals…but we can and we will.  There are so many families that are finding the way to hurdle over barriers.  Thank you for your inspiration.  We will not stop fighting.  We will not give up.  They are depending on us.
 #disabilityrights #inclusion #advocate

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  1. Your video and words about tres are so inspiring. We are standing with you. We love you all so much. Thank for sharing parts of the kids lives with us. This blog helps me keep going until I see them again. Love. Grandma &grandpa rocha. Love you more….


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