What a blessed weekend we had leading up to this Resurrection Day.  Yesterday we dyed eggs and had the traditional pink and blue fingers to match our Sunday clothes this morning.  Woke up to a big breakfast and lots of running around getting everyone into their Easter duds.  The boys are actually asking to wear button up shirts and ties to church now which is so much fun!  After service Maurice pulled out the grill and made burgers and his famous beef filled baked beans. Yummy.  I made carrot cake cupcakes and we spent the day napping and hanging out outside.  We hid eggs for the kids but Tori, Tres and Jordan were only interested in the money egg.  (Jordan found it) They were cracking me up in their prep for looking for the egg.  Doing stretches and warming up for the dash.  LOL Tonight we had communion together and had a great discussion on Christ and Calvary.  So many cute questions from Natalie and Kobe.  Maurice was reading scripture and as we took the bread Kobe said, “Your eating Jesus!” Nat did a great job of explaining about sin and how Christ blood erases our sin.  She went over all of Kobe’s recent sins and how grateful he should be of the cross.  I am gratefull for the laughter, Tori’s big hugs, love and lazy days.

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