For the first time in about 10 years I flew by myself to Kansas to visit my mom.  What a crazy feeling to just have myself to worry about.  It didn’t matter though because while was home I always had someone else’s child trailing behind me.  Tab was there and we took turns making sure mom was not doing too much.  (We never REALLY succeeded) At night mom and I watched movies and talked and in the morning we woke up and talked around her coffee table.  I already miss that.  I wish I had her here ever morning to just talk about life with her. A few mornings Grandma and Tab joined us which made for some very interesting convo since we are all highly oppinionated ladies!  On Saturday we had brunch and I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies in whe whole world.  Mom, Melinda my mom in love, my sister Brandy, cousins Rachel, Summer, Brittany and Chasity all shared lots of calories, coffee and girl time with me.  That night I had to get reaclimated to Kansas storms.  I forgot how scary hail sounded comming down on top of a rooftop.  Once I got to the airport for the trip back home Melinda and Gregg suprised me with lunch while I waited for my plane.  I needed that love and distraction before hopping on a plane.  I am not so crazy about them.  The trip was a good time for reflecting on my role as a mom and how I feel my current routine is working for us.  I made some new goals and new resolutions that I have slowly implemented and came up with some new ideas that have helped.  More on those soon.  New goals:
1. Find new recipes and enjoy my time cooking.  Encourage the kids to cook more with me.  
2. Relax/plan more for our outings ie.. store/pharmacy/MD trips without rushing them from point A to point B. 
3. Have the kids learn a bible verse each week.

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