When Tres turned 16 we told him he could pick a place he would like to take a trip too.  We did the same thing with Tori who chose to go here.  We thought it was a neat tradition we could start that the kids could look forward to.  Well Tres knew immediately were he wanted to go.  He loves John Cenna.  He knows the exact days WWE comes on and rarely misses a show.  He wanted to go to Wrestle Mania.  He went online and found out that Atlanta would be hosting the event in 2011.  He left the paper on my computer desk where I would be sure to find it.  Starting in January he began counting down the days.  By the time we got to the week before he almost could not contain his excitement.  Maurice and I felt so blessed to be able to allow such an exciting moment to happen for him. The big weekend came and we traveled to Atlanta and stayed with our Uncle Phil. The night before Tres could not sleep. It was all too cute.  Finally the day arrived and Tres, Daddy, Jordan and Uncle Phil headed off to the Atlanta Dome.  Natalie, Kobe and I stayed behind and watched movies.  The gang came back very animated and loud.  The Rock took down John Cenna and poor Tres had to hear about it in detail over and over again.  He had an amazing time and here are a few videos to prove just how much fun he had.

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