Natalie and Kobe were excited to be able to wear green today to school instead of their traditional uniform.  Natalie wore green p.j.’s to bed last night just in case someone got up earlier than her and tried to get in a pinch.  The day was just what I needed after a busy week.  After work I chose to ignore the fact that my house looks like a tornado hit it and headed right out the front door refusing to look back.  Watched the kids eat cupcakes with gusto that only they can muster up.  Went to Kobe’s game, check out those socks.  Took a night time walk with Tres on his new bike.  Here is to ignoring the messes that will be there when you get home and cherishing the moments that will be gone too soon.

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  1. loved the new pictures of my babies. they are so cute and handsome…just like their grandparents!!! Tres looked so good on his new bike..wish i was their with you when you were checking out the moon…God bless and keep you grandma rocha


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