One Tate tradition is for all the guys to wake up early Thanksgiving morning and go hunting. Mind you we are talking about Kansas. You know its always freezing. Thanksgiving morning all the uncles and cousins come trooping in moms house. Jordan decides he wants to go. After layering him with about 3 pairs of pants and tops we help him zip into his coat. He looked like a weeble wobble toy. As he was walking out to the truck I got very nervous. Even though this was a family tradition MY child had never gone. Any talks we had ever had about guns basically ended in “Stay away from them!” The more I thought about him going out there the faster I started walking toward the door to stop him. Once I got outside I seen the guys all in a circle and Booker was standing there giving them a very serious safety briefing. As I stood and listened I was impressed with the amount of rules and structure that goes along with hunting. I was also assured that only the adults would be carrying rifles. As they pulled off I was still a little nervous but more assured of the process. I was happy to see the truck pull back up a few hours later.

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