Jordan Maurice Whitlock is now a teenager. Sigh….my children are making me seem old. LOL. He is my introvert. He has his group that he likes to hang out with but prefers small settings. He has grown so much in the last year. He is so shy that when he meets people he always looks down and kinda mumbles hi. So I decided that during our church meet and greet time every Sunday he would have to look each person that approached him in the eye, shake their hand firmly and say something….anything. If he did not I told him I would embarras him. (it doesn’t take much) Since that was an amazingly awful consequence he did the required greeting. Guess what…he did great and he is getting better. We noticed that when we meet someone new he looks at us first to see if we are watching and then greets as expected. lol We know its hard but its important. The little things. For his birthday as usual he chose to forgo the party to get a more expensive gadget. Jordan’s dream day is ribs and cheesecake. Thats just what he got!

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  1. J-Man reminds me so much of me!! Lol…mom keeps saying he should have been my child!! Every time I see him, I am so amazed by the changes in him. He is definitely starting to grow up and into his own unique personality =) And for the record now that he is official a teenager and I am official an old person, NO more wrestling matches!! I am resigning while I am still the Champ and can win =)


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