So we were all sitting around avoiding the outdoors because it was so darn hot. I heard the distant crackle of thunder…”Yes!” I said, “I have been waiting for a good storm.” Summer storms are fun right? We can pull out the board games and everyone plays because there is no place else to go. As I pulled out Yahtzee I heard Maurice exclaim over how hard the wind was blowing and how heavy the rain was coming down. Then we heard sirens. What! Tornado sirens never go off in Tampa. I dove for Tres and hollered orders for everyone to run to the laundry room. Maurice ran to the back to get the weather radio. Everyone turned to me…as if I brought on the storm. All I wanted was some rain and a little thunder for goodness sakes. Thankfully no tornadoes came out of the storm and we still ended the night with a rowdy game of Yahtzee.

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