October 31 was spent with friends at a local church that throws a huge harvest celebration. I wanted to give the kids an alternative to trick -or-treating. There is so much information on the pros and cons of allowing children to participate in this activity. I have never liked the gory, scary part of Halloween which is why we have always called it Happy Pumpkin Day. This year the kids and I talked about All Saints Day and the history around this celebration as well as the history of Halloween. The day of the harvest party the kids were so excited. We left before all the kids in our neighborhood started out for trick or treating. We had a great time with the bounce houses and numerous fun filled games. On the way home, Kobe caught sight of a child in the same super man costume he has at home. “Oh no!” he said. “We missed it! We missed the candy party.” He was not concerned about all the negative things that we allow Halloween to be created to be. He was talking about the fun of dressing up in his hero outfits and collecting treats from all the neighbors. Honestly, I even missed it. It is fun to play dress up. To be able to eat unhealthy sugar filled candy with abandon for one day is enjoyable as well. I know that there are many people who feel very strongly about this day. I in no way advocate gory and evil costumes or death filled thematics. I do however feel that any day or cause for celebration is what you and your family make it to be. Do you celebrate Easter with a bunny and some eggs or is Easter for your family Resurrection Day? Do you celebrate Christmas with your family with santa and his reindeer or is it a birthday party for Jesus? Is Palm Sunday and the Passover days of reverence or do they pass by with no recognition? I’m still not completely sure what October 31 will be in my house. It will not be Halloween. It won’t be about fear or death. How will we celebrate? My next solution is to throw an All Saints Day party where everyone gets to dress up as their favorite biblical character.

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