Natalie had a dramatic encounter with the tooth fairy after losing her second tooth. First the loss of the tooth was accompanied with more blood than she expected. Those of you who know Natalie can well imagine the subsequant reaction…sheer terror. There is something about blood comming from any oraface of that girls body that throws her into a panic. Once all was calm and she rememebered the special gift she would reciece the next morning she was glad for the missing spot in her mouth. So that night her VERY tired mom climbed into her bed and fell asleep thinking that she would just wake up early to deposit the gift. WEEEEEEELL, the next morning the mother in question ran out of the house for an apt. and forgot. Once the mom got home her daughter was setting in front of her doll house looking slightly degected. It was at that very moment when mom realized the problem. Thinking quickly she ran and got a $5 (a little more than extra for the post traumatic stress of it all, lol) and hid it under a sheet. After going back into her daughters room she asked how her day was going. That is when the crockadile tears began rolling down her daughter’s face. “The tooth fairy forgot me!” So the mom had to explain how the tooth fairy did not forget, she was just confused with the amount of places the girl had slept the night before. Starting off in her own bed and then ending in her parents room. They decided to look one more time REALLY good. The five dollars was found, the girl was relieved, and mom was off the hook. Whooo, definetely deligating that job to someone else next time!

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