For Journey’s birthday we headed out to a beach park. It was a gorgeous day. We had a great time hanging out with Tab, Bam and of course baby Journey. I do believe the highlight of the day was when the ice cream man came around the corner ringing his bell. There is no such thing as an ice cream truck on base. My kids broke records running to that truck. Nothing ends a picnic like sticky happy smiles.


  1. Tony and Mo:
    Thank you guys so much for always taking good care of Journey and always loving her like she is apart of the Whitlock clan. Mo Journey loves and adores playing with you. Tonya she watches every move you make. Natalie is her favorite princess and when she reads to Journey she forgets anyone else is in the room. Kobe, well lets just say if she keeps hanging out with him she will be ruff and tuff! Tres is whom she goes to when she wants to make goo goo eyes, hi-5, hug and kiss. Victoria is the entertainer of all times. She can make journey happy, smile, laugh and put her to sleep when she is sleepy. I didn’t forget about Jordan. I think if it us up to him she will know everything there is to know about football, and baseball. Bam says the Whitlocks are Journey’s everything! We love you all.

    Tab, Bam, and Baby Journey


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