Tres was born with the inability to talk. He makes noises and can say a few words that don’t require many consonant like “yeah” but generally his communication is not done verbally. Tres speaks with a Dynavox. A communication devise that is much like a lap top or windows based program. He got his first Dynavox when he was 5. Amazingly before that he was able to communicate through pointing at pictures or making hand gestures to convey a message. Tres is still VERY good at communicating through non-verbal means by using his hands and expressions. Thankfully we no longer have to depend on that method. The Dynavox has many levels of use. When he was younger he could select folders that would display specific pictures that would send a message. For example he could point to the picture of a toilet and it would say “I need to go to the bathroom.” Now that he can read he uses the keyboard to form his own sentences. His teachers have the capabilty of uploading files for test and papers on his Dynavox, have him complete them and then print out the finished project. We can also upload complete books that can be read from the Dynavox. The great thing about that is the words can be enlarged for easier reading and Tres can read whenever he wants to without needing someone to set anything up for him. Tres recently received a new Dynavox equipped with all the latest software. He is soo excited about the new technology at his finger tips. He can now use blue tooth connections to send text messages. He also can have Internet wireless capabilities. Do not be surprised if you receive an email. If you would like to email Tres his address is Up to this point whenever family and friends would call Tres would just sit and listen on the other end. Well times are changing! I am amazed at all his is able to do and the learning potential that his Dynavox gives.

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  1. I am so excited that Tres got a new Dynavox. I can’t wait to send him an email!!! I remember the pre Dynavox days and I felt like we were playing 20 questions but we always made it work!!! =)


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