If there was a White Castle Addictions Group my husband would be a prime candidate. When we lived in Kansas he would take periodic trips to Kansas City (a three hour drive) to get a sack of cheese. Unfortunetely for Maurice there are no White Castle chains in Florida. Whenever we plan a trip or vacation ANYWHERE, my hubby will mapquest the nearest resteraunt so we can add it to our route. There are times when we drive a couple of hours out of the way so he can get his fix. While we were planning the D.C. trip it was discovered that a White Castle was ONLY 3 hours from D.C. in New Jersey. We decided that the guys were going to spend one day together going to the White Castle and driving around New Jersey and New York. They ended up having a great time together. I love to see Maurice spend special time with the boys realizing those memories will forever be with them.

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