When we began preparing Tori to get her license I started thinking about how much easier life would be when I would no longer be driving her to all the practices and games that are a daily norm. I could imagine all the extra energy I would have. The reality is that Tori is now confidently driving throughout our little neck of the woods. I on the other hand went from being physically exhausted to emotionally spent. I am constantly sending out little prayers for her. She sends me a text once she gets to her destination and then before she leaves. “Check behind the car before you pull out!” I say. “I knoooow” is the reply. I have a memorized safety checklist that I feel I have to remind her of every time she walks out the door. I can’t wait for this to get easier. I have to laugh when I think back not even 6 months ago when she started driving everywhere with me. I had a few moments when I thought I might need some sort of anxiety medication to get me through the learning curve. The Holy Spirit got me through then and I am equally sure He will keep me going now as I sit at home during each of her independent trips and await the next text that says “Mom, I’m here safe and sound.” Be careful baby girl.

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  1. I am not sure if I should be excited or scared =) If she drives anything like me than I am sure she’ll be ok as long as there aren’t any mailboxes around =)


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