Don’t forget the ballon before we go!

Hmmmm, what color of toothbrush should we choose?

This is definetely nothing like the book!

Nervous? Of course i’m not nervous. I am only gripping the sides of this chair for better positioning…really.

Patiently waiting our turn.

Getting to the dentist every 6 months with 5 kids takes an extreme amount of planning. I would never take them all at once because that would of course take all day. It would also use up all the poor dentist available appts. It would be Whitlock Day. I break them up into groups. First Tori because she is the hardest to schedule. Then Tres and Jordan go a few weeks later. Natalie and Kobe go within the month after the boys. We are blessed to have a wonderful pediatric dentist who puts the kids at ease. They actually look forward to going. I read Kobe a book about going to the dentist to prepare him for the visit. We talked all afternoon about the FUN trip we would have. When it was time to clean his teeth it took 2 people to hold him down. I did not stay, im not good at handling those eyes looking up at me as if I had betrayed him in some way. There was a window right outside the room and soon after I left he calmed down. Which helped me to calm down. He walked out of the room smiling and ready to get his prize from the treasure box. Thank God Natalie, the professed dental visit expert, had no problems with her visit.

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  1. You are so nice, we have the ‘Dellecese’ appointment day. I schedule all our appointments on the same day and we are normally there about 2hours!! Luckily our dentist is very nice… I also have to leave the room when my kids are not cooperating, and actually they normally settle down after I am gone, too. Kids sure know how to pull at our heartstrings! I love all the pictures, I may have to take a camera to my next visit!!


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