I am always out on a mission looking for items on my never ending need list. I call it a mission because I have a set of standards that sometimes makes it difficult to find things. I REFUSE to buy clothes that are not on sale. Not only do I want a great price, I want it to be well made with quality materials. I know right, mission impossible. The crazy thing is that I always find what I am looking for. I honestly believe it is one of my gifts. I don’t mind seaching high and low to find the items on my list, as long as it’s a good deal. One of my favorite places to go is a chain consignment store called, “Once Upon A Child.” I always find great stuff there. In August I researched the six children’s consignment shops in our area and went to every one of them. I wanted to know who had the best selection. Five kids makes a mom take getting a good deal to the Xtreme. Natalie and I are walking around a store during one of my trips when she walks past this jacket. She loves anything with fluff and sparkles. It screemed her name and for $12 dollars, it screemed mine too!

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  1. COMPLETELY ADORABLE! Adorable jacket, Adorable hat, but mostly adorable little girl modeling it!! 🙂(just a side note; I think it is totally fitting that the word verification that I have to type before displaying my comment is pretty. hehe)


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