I am happy to report that Kobe is now consistently sleeping in his own bed!!! We did have to change a few things. We originally put him in with his brothers. Im not sure if he felt he was too far away from us or if he just meshed better with Natailie, but he would not stay in the boys room. So we moved his car bed into Natalie’s room. Her room is already small so it has been trying walking around the beds to get to anything needed. He slept in her room without fuss. He has established his own routine. We read a book, kiss good night, and wrap him cacoon style in his blanket. If in the middle of the night he unwraps and realizes it, he comes to our room so we can re cacoon him. I was so tired a couple of nights I told him just to climb in our bed…he refused. He wanted to get back in his bed! Now the next step is getting his bed from Natalie’s room back in to the boys room!

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