I have to share a wacky moment I had. I decided to take all the kids in at the same time to get there flu vaccines. It was not the actual vaccine, they got the mist. My thinking was, ” lets just get it over with”. First I went to Jordan’s school to pick him up, then Trey’s, then Natalie’s and then Kobe’s. Victoria rode the bus home and met me there. Just being in the car that length of time with “he’s touching me,” “he called me names,” “Natalie stop singing so loud,” ” “I’m hungry,” was enough to have my mind spinning. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea” I thought. I don’t like to deviate from my plan once its started so I trudged on. We stop in front of the hospital and I call Maurice (he works in the clinic) to see if he could come down and help. “Which kids do you have?” he asked. “All of them” I replied. “All of them!” he said incredulously. I think it was right about here when the steam started coming from my ears. “Yes, I have brought ALL the kids to get immunized.” Well, long story short he was trying to meet a deadline and could not help. So bravely I take all of the kids out of the car. I notice as we are walking in that Natalie has smeared gum all over her pants. “Why is there gum on your pants?” I asked. “Because there was no place else to put it” she replied. OK, at this point is where I believe I was about to snap. Then Tori started laughing, which made everyone start laughing. There we were in the middle of the parking lot laughing like hyenas. I soooooooo needed diffusing at that moment.

I chose this picture because it just about sums up how I felt that day.

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