We are a co sleeping family. Every pregnancy we would buy a baby bed, thinking “oh, this time the baby will sleep on it’s own.” Unfortunately, we lost a great deal of money on cute beds our babies never slept in. Then we would say, “when the baby is 1 for sure!” Yeah, never happened. Neither one of us was ever good about changing the snuggle routine. When we did decide it was time for them to sleep in their own bed, we would sabotage ourselves. The first week I would sleep next to the toddler bed. The next week I would wait till they fell asleep and get in my bed. (depending on if I didn’t fall asleep waiting) Then they would cry, and one of us would lose the battle and bring them in our room. Eventually around preschool they would start sleeping on their own. Well, it is Kobe’s turn to make the transition. I thought it would be easier because he sometimes will sleep with Natalie without too much fuss and then come get in our bed in the middle of the night. A positive is that his bed is in the boys room so he has plenty of company. Well, Kobe has had his bed for 8 days and has not slept through the night in it. Tori tried to encourage him by sleeping in his bed with him the first night. We woke up to find Kobe in our bed and Tori asleep in his. I have to admit we have not completely committed to kicking him out of our bed so it will probably be a bit before the transition is complete.

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  1. Love all of these updates Tonya!!!! So, I have a co-sleeping question for you. We shared our bed with the babes until they were about a year and then they moved into their own beds. My sis-in-love though wants to co-sleep long term with their little one who is 10 months. She is trying to help her sleep for longer stretches without needing to nurse, but it’s tricky with her being right there. How did you do it?Also, rolling, rolling, rolling! Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated:) We LOVED co-sleeping and have such precious memories of it. Love you , Jen


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