Tori had her homecoming a few weeks ago. She went with Steven, her best friend turned boyfriend. Steven’s family moved to Washington in August. They flew Steven down to go with Tori to her homecoming dance. I let them ride to the dance with another close friend. It was the first time I let her ride with another teenager at night. I called her about 45 min. after she left to make sure she got to the dance ok. She told me they had “tire problems” and had pulled over on the highway. The young man’s parents were on their way to pick them up. I told her all the normal things, turn on the hazards, stay in the car with your seat belt on… She called me about 30 minutes later to say they were at the dance. It was not until I picked her up that I learned the full story. The tire had actually blown out and they had done a 360 in the middle of the highway. Praise God no cars were passing and they stayed on the road. She didn’t want to tell me at the time cause she knew I would be worried, it being her first time riding with another teenager and all. Worried? Are you Kidding! I have decided as a rational parent that she is no longer allowed to ride at night, on the highway, or more that 10 miles from home with anyone who has had a license less than 5 years until she is 18!

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