Tres doctor decided he should have a Bone Density Scan done. He was worried the long term use of seizure medication could be weakening his bones. “Its just a 15 minute scan of the body.” So we make the appt. and drive 50 minutes to the only hospital in our area that can do the scan on kids. Once there its decided that Tres will have to have anesthesia in order to stay still. The anesthesiologist comes in with this long list of possible complications and a paper with a dotted line to sign. I was sooo frustrated. How could a simple procedure turn into an all day, possible complication type issue? Not only that but im told he has to have the procedure and I have to sign that I wont sue if anything goes wrong. So the paper was signed, yet another IV was started, and missed, and started again. Through it all I never got upset. Why, you may ask. Because my Tres held out his arm with no complaint for the IV, did not get upset when the nurse missed the first time, and came back to me when it was over with his usuall big Tres smile. Who am I to complain. I have a God who protects and a 14 year old who is braver and stronger than his mom.

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