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Chef Kobe

Maurice…the resident Chef..was making his famous home made pizza when Kobe came in requesting to help. The training began, and it seriously is a serious process with Maurice. He believes […]

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Mom and Daughter Day

Last week we went on a mom/daughter day. This is not a picture from that day, I forgot my camera and had to improvise.  Natalie was so excited when we told her we were going. She wanted to know all about what happened on mom/daughter days and if they were really special. The day dawned and we had an agenda, […]

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Tori and the Arts

Victoria told me that she was going to be receiving an award at school. I was so excited. What class would she get it in? I knew she was ranked pretty high in her class maybe it was for academics? She is also a great writer so that could be it too. I’m sitting in the auditorium waiting on her […]

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The Potty Corner

There is only one developmental stage that I dread…potty training. I wish there was a potty training academy. A school where we could drop off our potty trainer for the day and by the time you picked them up…whala!, they were potty trained. There is WAY too much self exploration for me during this time. They are so impressed with […]

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// Natalie loves her creative dance class. This is her costume for the recital, it also comes with a veil. They are dancing to the song, “Going to the Chapel”.

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About Us

We are a family of 7. I know big families are rare in the times we live in. Our children cover each developmental stage minus infancy. I love seeing the reactions of those who meet us for the first time. Especially those poor souls who invite us to their birthday bashes or barbecue. I am so grateful for my big […]