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Jordan decided to join the wrestling team at his high school this year.  I think his interest built from his new love for Jujitsu.  It has been fun watching him embrace a […]

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Thasya: Power of Presuming Competence

Fantastic example of inclusion. This is what happens in a supported classroom.  Research consistently shows that ALL children benefit.  This is what happens when society embraces the concept that a persons appearance or speech does not define their ability to learn. We should presume that All people are competent and capable.

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Tori and the Arts

Victoria told me that she was going to be receiving an award at school. I was so excited. What class would she get it in? I knew she was ranked pretty high in her class maybe it was for academics? She is also a great writer so that could be it too. I’m sitting in the auditorium waiting on her […]

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The Potty Corner

There is only one developmental stage that I dread…potty training. I wish there was a potty training academy. A school where we could drop off our potty trainer for the day and by the time you picked them up…whala!, they were potty trained. There is WAY too much self exploration for me during this time. They are so impressed with […]